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Bluegrass Ukulele songbook/CD (FMM-B-140)

Bluegrass Ukulele songbook/CD Bluegrass Ukulele is a collection of 21 of the most popular bluegrass songs and fiddle tunes arranged for GCEA-tuned (high G) ukulele by Fred Sokolow. Each song comes with three tablature arrangements: One arrangement where you strum the chords and sing the tune, one where you play an instrumental solo, picking the melody and strumming to fill out the rhythm, and one where you play a finger-picking solo using banjo-type, three finger rolls. A CD is included with arrangements of each song played and sung by Fred Sokolow. Songs include: Careless Love, John Hardy, Old Joe Clark, Take This Hammer, Turkey In The Straw, The Wabash Cannon Ball, Wildwood Flower, Will The Circle Be Unbroken and 13 others. A Jumpin� Jim�s Ukulele Songbook. (Listen to samples of "Old Joe Clark" in the Jukebox section of the FMM site.)

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