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Jim Beloff: The Wind And Sun

Jim Beloff: Dreams I Left In Pockets (FMM-R-180)

Jim Beloff: Dreams I Left In Pockets A lifelong dream has been realized on this two-CD set of all new recordings of 33 songs written by Jim Beloff and in collaboration with Herb Ohta, Lyle Ritz and Kim Oler. All tracks performed by Jim and a trio of dazzling studio pros. You�ll find favorites mixed in with many older and newer songs that have never been recorded until now. And, as a bonus, printable arrangements of all the songs, including melody, lyrics and chords, are included on the discs as PDF files, so you can play and sing these songs yourself.

Here�s what others have said about songs included on the CD:

Wonderful, wonderful line: "Anything can happen when the world is spinning round/ Dreams you left in pockets are mysteriously found."

Gene Sculatti: Billboard Magazine

Your lyrics are wonderful, Jim. They remind me of classic songs where the rhyme comes and it seems so natural, like it was always meant to have landed there, yet it arrives with a twist. It�s such strong craftsmanship, it doesn�t seem like craft.

Doug Haverty: Playwright, lyricist

I wanted you to know that I started performing "The French Cafe" out live :) I love that song.

Victoria Vox: singer/songwriter

Jim Beloff�s "Charles Ives," is one of my all time favorite songs � not only because it's beautiful, but because Charles Ives had to carefully balance work and play (he sold insurance during the week, wrote symphonies on the weekend) � so many of us lead lives like this in this economy. Hope it inspires you!

Christine Lavin: singer/songwriter

�Charles Ives� is such a wonderful song, both the lyrics and the melody. The middle section - I'm not gonna trivialize it by calling it a bridge - is especially beautiful, could have been written by Puccini or McCartney, or some other melody genius. I can't stop listening to it. I just had to tell you how much I appreciate and admire your music.

Robbie Kondor: musician

Jim Beloff�s adorable and strangely moving song �Charles Ives� makes one long for a Charles Ives answer song called �Jim Beloff.�

Stephin Merritt: The Magnetic Fields

Disc One
1. A Spy In Love
2. A Moment Later
3. Aging Gratefully
4. At The Magic Laundromat
5. Blues On A Ukulele
6. Charles Ives
7. Closer To The Light
8. Dancing In My Dreams
9. Dog Park
10. Follow Love
11. He�s My Friend
12. I Don�t Want To Say Aloha
13. I�m Carrying A Tiki Torch For You
14. I�m So Happy Not To Be Sad
15. Just Like New York
16. Lost
17. Lullaby

Disc Two
1. Not Yet
2. Old In New Mexico
3. On Bell Island
4. Perfect Love
5. Rare Air
6. Sand In My Shoes
7. Scratchy Records
8. Soup Du Jour
9. Sunday Driving
10. Sunrise At Haleakala
11. That Hawaiian Melody
12. The French Caf�
13. The Hawaiian Turnaround
14. The Open Road
15. Where Did The Summer Go?
16. Where You Look

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