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Original Post By: musicguymic Date: 11/4/2006 12:07:44 PM
Gotta run will post more by Subday Heres a photo of the Best in show ukulele, Note the heel Spanish style neck aermrest guards and unusual wood.

Posted By: musicguymic Date: 11/4/2006 12:10:00 PM
and bad typing I must add
Posted By: Craig Date: 11/4/2006 12:44:49 PM
Posted By: Craig Date: 11/4/2006 12:45:15 PM
Still doesn't work....
Posted By: Wiley Date: 11/4/2006 12:50:36 PM

Works fine for me!

What a beauty. Who's is it?
Posted By: Craig Date: 11/4/2006 1:26:50 PM
I got it this time... Very pretty. I wonder how it sounds and plays?
Posted By: hoaryhead Date: 11/4/2006 2:22:59 PM
I guess I'm a traditionalist. That uke doesn't flip my switches.
Posted By: Neal Date: 11/4/2006 3:54:05 PM
Flips mine. Who made it?
Posted By: koalohapaul Date: 11/4/2006 7:51:44 PM
The uke was made by Shinji Takahashi, a professional luthier from Japan. He owns T's guitars, a pretty well respected company. His work is absolutely top notch. The joinery and finish were superb and they sounded very nice.
Posted By: robgonzo Date: 11/5/2006 12:56:59 AM
i'm with hoaryhead. :/
Posted By: Aaron Oya Date: 11/5/2006 1:08:45 AM
This one you had to see in person. The picture was taken by a guy rushing to get pics of all the instruments on display (all the while trying not get anyone in the background).

I always wondered what a "Laskin" bevel would look like on a Ukulele, even though its mostly cosmetic (like binding on a Ukulele), but the detail that Shinji put into this instrument, including the clean inlay on the FB (which you can't see) and the bevel in the cutaway is will probably be more appreciated by builders rather than players.

And to use a wood indigenous (I think) to Japan, even more so.

Great spirit, excellent execution.
Posted By: Spacemonkey Date: 11/5/2006 4:18:36 AM
Interesting, but...
Posted By: Road_Toad Date: 11/6/2006 1:25:36 AM
Shinji used black line spalted curly tochi for this ukulele. If you could only see the back!

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