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Original Post By: Taco Man Date: 11/7/2006 11:29:31 AM
.....Just returned from the UGH conference in Waikiki. I'll keep it brief:

.....Saturday's concert lasted four hours and the players list reads like the Who's Who of Hawaiian ukulele performers. (I wish somebody would post the list of players; unbelievable!

.....On Sunday I purchased a Shinji Takahashi tenor from the master builder. Takahashi took "best in show" this year and last! I didn't get the winning uke. He is taking it back to Japan for well deserved bragging rights. The one I purchased was also displayed and is all black walnut. The decision was difficult. I nearly bought one of Michael Chock's beauties. Michael founded the HGH and teaches ukulele making at his school, Hana Lima 'ia. I just didn't feel I could justify two expensive instruments. But I'll definitely be there next year, providence willing, with cash in hand.

.....Jake was a suprise final "walk-on" Saturday night. I also heard him two nights earlier at Galleria and he autographed my Fluke. I've been to Hawaii 15 times or more; this was the best trip ever and will forever be the most memorable.

Posted By: mLKauai Date: 11/7/2006 3:08:50 PM
congrats Taco; sorry i missed meeting you.
The uke you got is indeed a beauty; i really liked his 3m soprano version.. his ukes are so fine; almost delicate looking; very refined; outstanding;
how does it play and sound?
Posted By: Taco Man Date: 11/7/2006 6:23:23 PM
.....Ditto, mLKauai. I wanted to buy the show winner but he needed to take it back to Japan for bragging rights. Don't blame him.

Mine: Like you said: delicate looking, very refined, outstanding. Very, very "balanced". I'm gonna be a better player because of it. BTW, I"ll be there same time next year. Wouldn't miss it.
Posted By: John Kavanagh Date: 11/8/2006 3:40:31 PM
Black walnut's a handsome wood. Is the TOP walnut, too? What's it like? Can you compare it to mahogany or spruce?
Posted By: musicguymic Date: 11/9/2006 3:03:52 AM
Aloha Tacoman.....He got a flawless crafted ukulele by Takahashi..He was stricken with a mean case of UAS. Clean wonderful lines and so unique. Its sound was resonant and very balanced between strings. It was strung with worths at the time. By the way...don't let taco fool you ... da buggah can play some mean uke although very humble. To bad Takahashi too the best inshow back...He said he'd make me one like it though...Let me see how much is a phone call to Japan???
Posted By: mLKauai Date: 11/9/2006 5:32:50 AM
yeah; the 3 ukes Takashi showed were simply impeccable down to last detail and again so refined looking.
btw; at a workshop; the Kamaka boys showed a spruce top tenor; slotted headstock that had a radiused lower top bout; flat above soundboard; just how Chris (?) is doing them...that was super fine feel and sound. It was an uke he made and gave to Bryan Tolentino.
I think the customs that stood out IMO, were the Koolau that MGM had, the Kings I had, and this Kamaka custom...they were all spruce tops with slotted headstock (which is incidental) ...they were what i am currently looking for; and have.
Some of the local ukes, like Aaron Oya's, and Tachera who got a first place in another category, were made impeccably as well; with a more sturdy look and feel; heavy neck and head.
I played Aaron's and it was easy to play even with the thicker neck, and sounded perfect. He is a perfectionist; as he wouldn't consider selling it as it had a flaw (that i couldnt see). (not that i was looking to buy an uke while there; i just asked if he would state a price.)
Posted By: mLKauai Date: 11/9/2006 5:35:10 AM
BTW;;;; Kamaka said the new Jake models will not have slotted headstock because they wanted to differentiate between Jake's personal model and these... not that they wouldnt consider making slotted head Jakes in the future (?).

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