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Ukulele Masters: James Hill—Duets For One

Jim Beloff: Two Ukulele Concertos

Seven Great Ukulele Lessons DVD (FMM-V-125)

Seven Great Ukulele Lessons DVD This DVD is a compilation of lessons from various full-length DVDs by Jim Beloff, Bob Brozman, Del Rey and others and takes a learning ukulele player from the easiest beginner’s songs to advanced strumming, picking and chord work. You’ll learn to play songs ranging from country blues to cowboy, Appalachian, ragtime, early pop standards and authentic Hawaiian music using a wide variety of techniques. Whether you are just starting out or have years of uke-ing under your belt, there will be lots here to help you expand your musical options - and have fun doing it! Lessons include:

• Kate Power and Steve Einhorn (the Ukalaliens): Home on the Range

• Del Rey: “The backward C Scale” and Goin’ Up the Country

• Kate and Steve: Shady Grove

• Jim Beloff: Avalon

• Bob Brozman: Advanced Strumming and Picking

• Jim Beloff: That Hawaiian Melody

• Ledward Kaapana: Spanish Eyes

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