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Jumpin' Jim's Ukulele Masters: Lyle Ritz-Jazz (FMM-B-110)

Jumpin' Jim's Ukulele Masters: Lyle Ritz-Jazz A collection of 25 handpicked standards lushly arranged by the great jazz ukulele master, Lyle Ritz. Each song is arranged for both GCEA (standard tuning) and DGBE (tenor/baritone) tuned ukuleles. Also included is a CD of 12 of the songs performed by Lyle Ritz himself. While this 9" x 12" songbook is ideal for the experienced player, with practice, these magnificent arrangements can be enjoyed and appreciated by all ukulele enthusiasts. Featured songs include "As Time Goes By", "Autumn Leaves", "Laura", "My Funny Valentine", "Spring Is Here" and a chord solo of "Fly Me To The Moon".

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