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Lyle's Style: Sharing A Lifetime of Technique (FMM-V-110)

Lyle's Style: Sharing A Lifetime of Technique Ukulele jazz master Lyle Ritz shares many of his playing techniques in this educational and entertaining 75 minute DVD. In the instructional portion Lyle plays through seven different arrangements drawn from his Ukulele Masters: Lyle Lite songbook/CD, pointing out techniques and tricks that he has developed over a lifetime of performing. You�ll learn how to play rips, parallels, bent notes, fills, falls, slides, slurs, rogue chords and deceptive resolutions. Songs taught are: Avalon, Beautiful Dreamer, Brahms� Lullaby, Let Me Call You Sweetheart, My Melancholy Baby, Shine On Harvest Moon and Ritz original Bb Blues in C. The lyrics, melody line and ukulele chord grids are included as printable PDF files encoded in the disc. In addition, this DVD includes a career retrospective interview with Lyle, conducted by Jim Beloff and a bonus duet with daughter Emily Ritz.

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