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UKEtopia!-Adventures in the Ukulele World

Jim Beloff: The Wind And Sun

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Mighty Uke DVD
Mighty Uke DVD (FMM-V-114)

Directed by Tony Coleman and Margaret Meagher, MIGHTY UKE travels the world to discover why so many people of different nations, cultures, ages and musical tastes are turning once again to the ukulele to express themselves, connect with the past, and with each other. From the Redwoods of California through the gritty streets of Paris, from swinging London through Tokyo�s highrise canyons to Hawaii, ukers tell the story of the people�s instrument: The Mighty Uke.

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Lyle's Style: Sharing A Lifetime of Technique
Lyle's Style: Sharing A Lifetime of Technique (FMM-V-110)

Ukulele jazz master Lyle Ritz shares many of his playing techniques in this educational and entertaining 75 minute DVD. In the instructional portion Lyle plays through seven different arrangements drawn from his Ukulele Masters: Lyle Lite songbook/CD, pointing out techniques and tricks that he has developed over a lifetime of performing. (see more info)

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The Joy of Uke-DVD
The Joy of Uke-DVD (FMM-V-100)

A Basic Guide To Playing the Ukulele
Homespun Tapes. Jim Beloff teaches you the basics of how to tune and hold your uke. You'll also learn how to make the basic strums and chords and play 6 songs that range from easy to more challenging. In addition, Jim introduces you to three very special guests. Finally, take a tour of Jim�s own ukulele collection.

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