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#Ukulele links and other valuable FMM resources

Below is a list of links to other sites relating to Uke Web Sites.    These sites have been added by other ukulele players and enthusiasts.  To add a link, click here.

-->Ukulele Tabs - Ukulele Tabs is a user contributed source of ukulele tablatures and chords. We offer Uke players direct access to our unique archive of Ukulele Songs and many complementary resources for all your uke needs: Tuner, Chord Charts, Scales/Modes and lessons for beginners. We�re the largest community of ukulele players worldwide.
-->Uncle Rod�s Ukulele Boot Camp - Free Instructional Materials and Songbooks
-->LeftyFretz.com - Left handed ukulele guides, lessons and resources
-->Killer Rig - A guitar and ukulele informational website built for beginners and professionals alike!
-->Ukulele Tabs - A comprehensive page of free tabs and tablature for Ukulele
-->Digital Piano Planet - This site offers useful information about ukuleles in the best way possible. You can check out their Ukulele section and learn more
-->StringKick - Strum Patterns - Strumming patterns explained using song examples
-->BaritoneUkes.com - It�s all about baritone ukes!
-->Approachable Music - Music education through accelerated learning. Specializes in ukulele and guitar.
-->Ukepedia.org - En Ukepedia.org podras conocer la historia y evoluci�n de este encantador instrumento, rese�as de modelos, gu�as de compra para principiantes, tablaturas para Ukelele gratis para tocar, cuidados b�sicos del instrumento,
-->Online ukulele tuner - An amazing online ukulele tuner loaded with 13 tuning types including standard and alternative tunings.
-->BeginnerUkuleles.com - Reviews and guides for beginning ukulele players.
-->Musician Authority - Excellent resource for learning Ukulele and other instruments.
-->GuitarFella - A great stop for beginners and parents looking for their first ukulele. GuitarFella has a huge section and many buyer guides devoted to the ukulele.
-->Bulla.org - Ukulele Reviews Website
-->Ukuleles Review - Ukuleles Review talk about ukulele and ukulele related everything.
-->Ukulele Social - Find local ukulele groups in the UK, with free mini-sites for groups and performers
-->The Chord Genome Project - Play 1,500 Easy Ukulele Songs (with Just 3 Chords)
-->Ukesong - Ukesong is the place to visit after you have learned the ukulele basics and want to do more with your uke.
-->Know Your Instrument - A great musical instrument review site with an section devoted to buying your next uke.
-->The complete Guidelines to choose the best Ukulele with reviews - Ukulele Buzz wants to help people and all levels players to choose the best suited uke.
-->Acoustic Bridge - 37 Easy Ukulele Songs for Beginners
-->StringVibe - A site dedicated to information on all Stringed Instruments
-->Coustii - A guide to learning the ukulele for beginners. Including a ukulele chord chart!
-->Ukulele Go - Ukulele Go covers everything from lessons and tab to interviews and reviews. If it�s ukulele, we love it!
-->Legendary Ukuleles.com - Buy Sell Trade legendaryukuleles.com has one of the best sellections of vintage and rare collectible for sale on the internet.
-->21 Songs in 6 Days: YouTube - FREE song lesson videos, tabs and more.��
-->Ukulele.io - FREE song lesson videos, tabs and more.�
-->Ukulele note finder and tab player - A ukulele note finder and tablature player. Visualise the notes on the ukulele. Works for banjo, mandoline, guitar and bass too.
-->Easy Ukulele Songs - Teaching beginners how to play the uke with easy songs.
-->UkeOz ! - UkeOz ! Australia Wide Ukulele Gatherings
-->Instrument Wire Ukuleles - Used guitars and ukuleles
-->ukulelenclub and forum - Germanys main not commercial ukulele site and forum
-->Ukes Make You Happy! - Roxy�s hand painted ukuleles are colorful, collectable, and one of a kind.
-->Hep Kitten�s Baritone Uke Blog - Playing tips,resources,history,links and more from the Baroness of Baritone!
-->SukeyJumpMusic - Heidi Swedberg�s website for her kid�s band. Learn the ukulele in a day! Check out her CD and meet the Sukey Jump Band! Includes teaching and gig calender.
-->Fluke Museum - A fan-site of all the Fluke designs both old and new.
-->Uke.se - Tunes, ukulele school, BB4 ukulele band
-->Ukulele Player Magazine - The Download Site for Ukulele Player
-->Banjo Ukuleles - Information concerning banjo ukes.
-->Richard G�s Ukulele Songbook - Collection of song sheets
-->UkesterMoe�s Unique Gift Designs - Many different gift ideas. Large selection of ukulele themed items
-->Live �Ukulele - Tabs, lessons, and info
-->UkuZoo - Be a part of the only Ukulele database on the internet!
-->Flea Jumpers - News, notes, songs, and tutorials of interest to �ukulele enthusiasts in Northern California
-->uBass Appreciation Society - A Blog For Those Who Play and Appreciate the Kala uBass
-->Oak Park Ukulele Meetup Group aka The Harrison Street Ukulele Players - We are ukulele players from all walks of life, coming together for the love and respect of the ukulele! We meet every Thursday night and �play our hearts out�! Open to all ages, all levels. More info at website.
-->Ukeireland - Ireland�s Ukulele Website and Forum
-->Ukulele Hunt - A site that has a lot of ukulele chords, tabs, and links for a variety of songs.
-->All About Ukuleles - If you wonder how the ukulele came into being, and why it has such a funny name, you are not alone. Learn some fun facts about ukuleles here.
-->Duke of Uke - Ukulele & banjo specialist
-->ukulelestrummers - Everything you could possibly want in ukuleles,including chords, scales,general info, etc
-->UkeCast - A weekly show dedicated to original uke music and beginner tips
-->The Ukulele Spot - Ukulele fans rate the best ukulele content on the web. Links, headlines, forums and more.
-->UkeFarm - A site dedicated to supporting the Uke community, and the home of UkeFarm Radio.
-->Get-tuned.com - Online Ukulele Tuner - Online Ukulele tuner so you can get tuned, online.
-->Kawika 'Ukuleles - Loads of neat, interesting, and fun facts. Most of which are uke related.
-->UkeLady Music - For all things uke ... contact us!
-->Ukie Yuk Yuk - Home grown in Manitoba Canada, the hotbed of Ukulele polka music and prairie socials, this group of eccentric musicians is determined to have a good time where ever they perform. Rarely has the audience felt the same!
-->ukulele guide - supplement and update to the ukulele players guide
-->Island Ukulele - Custom made Hawaiian koa ukuleles and guitars.
-->UkeSchool.com - This interactive website helps you master the ukulele quickly and easily.
-->UkeLand - Reviews of Beginner Uke Books and other stuff.
-->Ukuleles from Bounty Music - 25 Years of Ukuleles for Visitors to Kauai and Maui
-->Roy Sakuma - Legendary Hawaii Ukulele Teacher
-->Sheep Entertainment - Laiya and Louis Ukulele Chordfinder
-->Hawaii Ukulele Guide - Links to all WWW sites relating to ukuleles. Check out our fine Hawaiian Koa ukuleles from Kamaka and Maui Music.
-->Cliff Edwards - A biography of Cliff Edwards, aka Ukulele Ike
-->Den ultimata ukulelesajten - En sida om ukulelen, f�r nyb�rjare och inbitna anh�ngare...
-->Brooklyn's Own Ukulele Lady - my varied uke-related and non-uke-related work
-->Waste of Aces - Site of a Los Angeles acoustic alternative band that uses ukeleles instead of guitars in all songs.
-->Mugwumps Online - Articles about vintage instruments, including ukes. Classified ads. Free.
-->ezFolk.com - Free instructional site for ukulele, folk guitar, and banjo. Free tablature with midi files and downloadable TablEdit files as well as links to MP3 recordings of most songs taught.
-->George Formby Songs - George's songs in MIDI format
-->AndyEastwood.com - Andy Eastwood (British Uke entertainer) - with information about ukes, gigs, cds, and instruments for sale!
-->NALU Music & Compact Discs - The HAWAIIAN UKULELE & GUITAR MAKERS as listed in the HONOLULU CITY DIRECTORY 1884 to 1930
-->Wiki Waki Woo Serenaders - Looney Tunes from the Territory
-->The Ukulele Man - A web site for anyone interested in Ukuleles and Banjo Ukes
-->Sonic Uke - The band, its friends, mp3s. Uke on the stoop!
-->Cool Hand Uke's Lava Tube - ukulele lore, songs, pix
-->Ralph Shaw - King of the Ukulele - Ralph is a uke player and singer in Vancouver Canada. He also runs a monthly club for ukulele players called "The Vancouver Ukulele Circle". Drop in and see us some time!!
-->UkuleleWorld.Com - Ukes from low cost to vintage, music, parts, info
-->The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain - Official site for Great Britain's only ukulele orchestra
-->Akulele - Updates by Joseph Todaro regarding his Akuleles
-->Ukulele Boogaloo - ukulele fun club, weekly updated tabs, links, store.
-->Uke Strummers Chord Collection - Provides a CD with over 2500 printable chord diagrams in DGBE and GCEA tunings. PC and Mac. User friendly
-->Portland Ukulele Association - Dedicated to the fun and fellowship of ukulele playing.
-->Miner Museum
-->Ko'olau 'Ukulele Company
-->The George Formby Society
-->The Ukulele Hall of Fame Museum
-->Dominator's Ukulele Tab - Site dedicated to providing Tablature for Ukulele
-->Paul Moore - Paul Moore ukulele,One Man band and leader of the Washboard Wizards
-->Michelle Kiba's Ukalady.com - Michelle's uke happenings, class schedules and more!
-->Alles Uke - pictures, songs, chords, lessons for beginners
-->Polyjesters - Canadian swing band with ukulele chunk
-->BC Ukulele - Guide to the three most prominent ukulele associations in BC
-->Learn Formby Style - All things Formby related including a video CD
-->Ian Whitcomb and Ukie - CD's, Songbooks, Performances, etc.
-->Hilo guitars and Ukuleles - Specializing in Taylor ,National ,Breedlove guitars and Ukuleles by R L Saul, Po Mahina, National, Mele and Tangi to name a few
-->NOTECANNONS "National musical instruments Website" - A photographic history of the National musical instrument company. Many beautiful examples of 1920's & 30's resophonic ukes, Hawaiian guitars, Mandolins & guitars
-->Blumberg's Music Theory Cipher for String Instruments - Music theory and fretboard studies for all string instruments including Ukulele
-->TaroPatch.net - Online community dedicated to Hawaiian slack key guitar and `ukulele
-->Ukulelestrummers.com - Chords, Songs, Fretboard layout and general ukulele information
-->Ruby Cone's UkeleleWorld - Since you like ukes... you'll find something at UkeleleWorld
-->Chordfind.Com 4-String - Very cool chordfinder tool for ukes and other 4-stringed instruments
-->Banjulele - great group for banjo uke players!

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