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#Ukulele links and other valuable FMM resources

Below is a list of links to other sites relating to Uke Builders/Manufacturers.    These sites have been added by other ukulele players and enthusiasts.  To add a link, click here.

-->Davidson Ukuleles - Custom builder of just ukuleles named top 13 in USA
-->CTrietsch Ukuleles - Handmade ukuleles from Long Island, New York.
-->Cripple Creek Mandolins - Handmade ukuleles and mandolins
-->Portland Guitar - 15 year luthier of Innovative Ukuleles, Small Guitars, Acoustic Guitars
-->kenfranklinukulele.com - Ken Franklin hand made custom ukuleles and guitars
-->Ukulele Banjo - Handcrafted Banjoleles from Holland
-->Magic Fluke Company - Ukulele sales
-->Beau Hannam Ukuleles - Fine Handcrafted Ukuleles and guitars
-->Morande Instruments - Hand-Crafted Musical Instruments, Northfield Vermont - Guitars - Ukuleles - Mandolins
-->The Fun Ukulele Company - Premium hand crafted guitars and ukuleles built by a master jeweler.
-->Grimes ukuleles - custom built ukes - soprano to baritone sizes
-->Stringit & Strumit - Handmade Ukuleles - Handmade Ukuleles, Ukulele Accessories and Ukulele Parts
-->Ash Mandolins - Sean Ash -Professional Luthier, making Mandolins, Guitars & Ukes
-->Snowshoe Ukulele Company - Fine handcrafted ukuleles from the big island of New England
-->www.pinolguitars.com - Custom Luthier Made Solid Wood Ukuleles
-->Blackbird Composite Ukuleles - Blackbird makes concert and tenor size ukuleles. The concert model (Clara ) is made of Ekoa, and the tenor is made of carbon fiber.
-->Hoffmann Luherie ukuleles - Best quality, sound and price. See what our customers say
-->www.ukulele-uncle.com - Custom ukulele and guitar built to order
-->Butser Mountain Music - Ukuleles Lap Steels, Guitars and other Instruments from the foothills of Butser Mountain, Hampshire, UK
-->Todd Rose Guitars - Truly unique ukuleles handmade by Todd Rose in Ithaca, NY
-->Stansell Guitars & Ukuleles - Flamenco Inspired Ukuleles
-->Bill Tapia Ukuleles - Bill Tapia Custom Signature Brand Ukuleles
-->Delgado Guitars - Handmade instruments (including ukes) since 1928
-->Lichty Guitars & Ukuleles - Custom Handmade Ukuleles built by NC luthier Jay Lichty
-->Kohala Ukuleles - Kohala manufactures quality ukuleles that are fun and easy to play
-->John Morton Metal Stringed Instruments - resonator ukes from nickel silver and brass
-->Southcoast Ukes - Traditional craftsmanship coupled with high performance design
-->Kepasa Ukulele - Handmade ukuleles by Kevin Crossett in Vermont!
-->Black Bear Ukuleles - Handmade ukes, guitars, violins and more. www.blackbearukuleles.net
-->Dave Gill Ukuleles - Custom Ukuleles
-->Hive Ukuleles - These sublime instruments set a new standard for the next age of contemporary ukuleles.
-->Augustino LoPrinzi Guitars - A premiere builder of high quality guitars and ukuleles
-->Earnest Instruments - the new URL for Earnest!
-->Bean Sprout Banjo Ukulele Company - Handmade Banjo Ukulele, Ready for the 21st Century!
-->Road Toad Music - Ukulele & Bass Instruments by Owen Holt
-->Cole Clark - Ukuleles
-->Spanky Banjo Ukes - Banjo Ukulele Builders
-->Talsma Stringed Instruments - Builder from Michigan making fine handcrafted ukuleles and guitars
-->Akulele - The Akulele and Sweetheart Ukulele by Joseph Todaro
-->S.B. MacDonald Custom Instruments - Expert repair, vintage restoration of ukuleles and other stringed instruments, custom building. Huntington, NY
-->http://www.stuartlongridge.co.uk/ - Handcrafted ukuleles by Stuart Longridge, Exeter, EX5 5AZ, United Kingdom.
-->Kamoa Ukuleles - Hawaiian Ukuleles for all levels of experience.
-->Pickard Acoustics - Handbuilt guitars, mandolins, mandolas, citterns, bouzoukis, banjos and ukuleles.
-->Mya-Moe Ukuleles - Handmade Classic, Resonator, 6-string and Lap Steel Ukuleles
-->Lehua Ukulele - beautiful ukuleles
-->WaverlyStreet Ukuleles - Handmade ukuleles by Dave Gjessing
-->Bushman music works - ukulele and harmonicas maker
-->Moore Bettah Ukuleles - Custom crafted koa ukuleles by Big Island Hawaii luthier Chuck Moore
-->Lanikai Ukuleles - Ukuleles by Hohner
-->Davidson Ukulele Page - Builder of fine handmade ukuleles
-->Papa’s Boxes - Cigar Box Ukulele Kits
-->GString Ukulele Co. - Ukuleles made in Hawaii
-->SpruceHouse Ukuleles - luthier's website
-->Palm Tree Ukuleles - fine handmade ukuleles built by John & Pam Ramsey at their music store in Colorado
-->Boat Paddle Ukuleles - Models, prices, design details and sound files of these innovative new ukuleles.
-->Michael J king Musical Instruments - UK based maker, Electric Ukulele, Koa soprano ukes, Stick dulcimers, many other alternative instruments
-->MP ukuleles - Handcrafted by Mike Pereira
-->Homewood Musical Instrument Co.:: Burns Instrument Repair - Custom made guitars, ukuleles and repair
-->CIGAR BOX UKELELES - handcrafted instruments with cigar box bodies
-->Island ukulele - Hawaiian made koa ukulele and guitars
-->Char Luthiery - Fine Guitars and Ukuleles
-->Paul Hathway Musical Instrument - Musical Instrument Maker
-->Glyph Custom Ukuleles - Ukes hand-built to your tastes in wood, scale length and trim
-->DaSilva Ukulele - Mike DaSilva Ukulele
-->russmorin.com - Custom Ukes
-->Andy Powers Musical Instrument Co. - builder of high quality ukuleles and guitars
-->Little River Ukuleles - Dave Sigman - Ukulele Builder
-->hana lima ia - ukulele making school
-->Beltona Resonator instruments - Catalogue of the products of the Beltona Company including three uke models
-->Kanile'a 'Ukulele - Handcrafted standard to custom instruments made in Hawaii
-->marcsilbermusic.com - hand-made guitars & ukes...also vintage instruments.
-->Mele Ukelele - A fabulous Local Maui (Kahului) Builder/Retailer of Ukeleles - Cheryl was great help and a mighty fine wahine
-->Pendennis Folk Instruments - Folk instruments, bouzoukis, mandolins, ukuleles
-->Ko'olau Ukulele Company - Manufacture and Repair of Ukuleles
-->RISA Musical Instruments - From the worlds smallest Ukulele to electric Ukes!
-->Tony Graziano Ukuleles - beautiful ukes built by skilled Luthier Tony Graziano
-->ukulele nylgut strings - ukulele and classical guitar nylgut strings
-->North Pacific Designs - Custom Ukuleles and surfboards
-->UKULELES BY KAWIKA, INC - Hand-crafted Ukuleles & Guitars
-->Bucks County Folk Music - fine handmade ukes, bodhrans, wooden flutes, and other neat stuff
-->Island ukulele - make uks
-->Po Mahina - Ukulele Builder - Island Syle - Dennis Lake
-->GKU Ukuleles - Hand Crafted Customs
-->mele ukulele - Maui made ukesonline store
-->Pohaku Ukulele - Concert, Tenor and Resonator Ukuleles
-->Free Cigar Box Uke Plans at the CBG Forum - Online forum for cigar box instrument enthusiasts. Contains historic 1931 plans for making a CIGAR BOX UKE. Free to download for members. Posts are available for anyone to read.

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