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#Ukulele links and other valuable FMM resources

Below is a list of links to other sites relating to Ukulele Instructors .    These sites have been added by other ukulele players and enthusiasts.  To add a link, click here.

-->Teachers: Instructions for creating your entry - 1. Click the above �To add a link..". 2. In the Site Title field, enter a short description. Include your City, State. 3. In the Description Field: Write what you want to say and include contact information. 4. In the Address Field: Enter your web site address (Be sure to include the HTTP://) . If you do not have a web presence, just enter your FMM BB Screen Name. 5. For members of this forum, who don�t have a web address, edit your Player Directory entry to include your contact information. We will modify the link to direct user to your Player Director entry. 6. Click update and wait until we have a chance to activate your submission. Please email me to let me know your submission is waiting, since it isn�t obvious to me when there are unapproved entries waiting. There is no ability for you to edit your entry once it is created. If you need to make any changes, or for assistance with creating your entry, please contact me through the Moderator Contact Form.
-->Mississauga School of Music - Ukulele and Guitar Lessons for ages 5+, in-studio and online lessons are available in Mississauga, ON, Canada
-->Silent Guitar - Ukulele and Guitar Lessons with Tips & tricks
-->Pick Up the Guitar - Ukulele and Guitar Lessons, Tips & More
-->Ukesong - Ukesong is your true source to find the most viewed uke videos anywhere on the internet. It is the place to visit after you have learned the basics and want to do more with your uke. If you want to be amazed at what a ukulele can do in the hands of masters, watch their videos.
-->Free Skype Ukulele Lesson with Jeffrey Thomas - Jeffrey Thomas is offering a free 30 minute Skype ukulele lesson for beginning to advanced players!
-->Stars & Catz Music Teacher Network - An international community of music teachers with a free suite of music tools, resources and downloads including a Ukulele chord finder tool. Also featured in the suite is Music Research Engine, a world-first web app that combines YouTube with Wikipedia. Choose the right website for your country: Australia https://www.starsandcatz.com.au/, USA https://www.starsandcatz.com/, UK https://www.starsandcatz.co.uk/ and Canada https://www.starsandcatz.net/.
-->Dexter Music - In-Home Music Lessons in the Orange County and Long Beach areas. We offer ukulele lessons as well as most other instruments. Teachers and custom matched to the student for the best fit. Call us today!
-->SoundLife Music Lessons - Ukulele Lessons, Music Lessons
-->Southern Ukulele - The ukulele is an increasingly popular instrument and people can find a fantastic range at Southern Ukulele. This specialist instrument store stocks an array of ukes for professionals to novices and offers excellent prices too.
-->Guitarbitz Guitar Shop Ukulele Lessons - Guitarbitz provide Ukulele & Folk Instrument Lessons!
-->New York Ukulele School - The BEST and FIRST place to learn uke! At our place, at your place, in cyberspace (Skype)
-->Eve Goldberg, Toronto, ON - Founder of The Parkdale Ukulele Group, Eve teaches ukulele classes, workshops, and private lessons at music camps, schools, festivals, and community centres across Canada.
-->Ukulele Lessons in Los Angeles, CA - Red Pelican Music - Red Pelican Music Offers Finest Ukulele Lessons in Los Angeles, CA
-->Jim Hickey Music - Music School in Charlotte NC teaches Ukulele and Baritone Ukulele among other instruments.
-->Ukulele Play - Instruction in American Fork, UT by M Ryan Taylor
-->Ukalaliens at Quality Folk - Ukalaliens Workshops & Uke&Sing! Gatherings
-->Washtub Jerry - McDonald Obs, TX - Using �Neck Anywhere!� or �Neck Anywhere, Lefty!� the student learns the instrument to play Rhythm chords.
-->UKULELE LESSONS PAGE http://www.prshopper.com/ukulele.htm - Ukulele lessons on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
-->ukulele mike - a ukulele cd you might like
-->Hana Ukulele Co. - beautiful, unique custom ukuleles
-->North Carolina Ukulele Academy - We teach the ukulele to inspire creative expression. To open minds. To plant the seed of lifelong learning. And to share with everyone the exhilaration of playing music. Our program gives all ages the power to make music. We teach the skills that open the door to improvisation, ease of playing and the confidence to play for others. And it�s all with the ukulele, one of the easiest stringed instruments to learn and play. Instructor, Kent Knorr enjoys expanding his students� cultural horizons by blending lively music instruction with the history of the ukulele and an understanding of the concept of Aloha. We believe that teaching the ukulele is a force for good in the world. Believe it or not, we don�t think that�s overstating it. The ukulele brings joy to those who play and those who listen. We want to enrich your life by introducing you to uke.
-->Zimnicki Ukuleles - High quality, custom made ukuleles
-->Mark Michaels - New York City - MARK MICHAELS has over 25 years of experience as a professional musician in pop, rock, blues, folk, jazz, and country. He was instrumental in developing online instruction for guitar and piano and has written numerous music instruction publications, including internationally distributed books on guitar, bass, percussion and arranging, which have been translated into German and Japanese. He has played with all of the major New York orchestras and bandleaders and now leads his own jazz trio, playing guitar and ukulele. Featured in Newsday, Billboard, Variety and The Hartford Courant, Mark has accompanied major artists, including Madonna, Englebert Humperdinck, Lou Christie, blues great Freddie King, The Shangri-Las, Frankie Avalon, Johnny Ray and Bobby Rydell. He composed and produced the #12 hit dance single 'Umbrella Man' in 1997 and has played on hundreds of recordings. He also composes and produces music for film and television, and Billboard magazine has called him "sharp.concise.a mastermind."
-->Uncle Zac - Learn to play the ukulele.
-->Play in a day! - If you have never picked up an instrument we can get you playing songs in just an hour and a half! Heidi Swedberg teaches workshops around the country. Her family-friendly classes are fun and accessible to all. Make the switch from music consumer to music producer! her CD �PLAY� is a great listening romp as well as learning tool, complete with chords and lyrics for the first songs she teaches.
-->www.hiloguitars.com - Ukulele instruction available by Brian Padilla for anyone visiting the Hilo on the Big Island %6 Ponahawai St , Hilo , Hawai
-->Brooklyn Guitar School - Affordable Guitar, Ukulele and Bass lessons and classes
-->Tim Mann - New England area musician Tim Mann took up the ukulele in 2003, inspired by George Harrison. Since that time he has become a founding member of the widely successful 'Ukulele Noir' troupe which is now in its third year. Tim also plays in a duo with fellow ukulele player Greg Hawkes, who aside from his role as keyboardist for 'The Cars', and 'The New Cars', is also a founding member of 'Ukulele Noir'. Tim has been teaching ukulele since 2005, and is also particiapting in a CD of 'Ukulele Noir' performers that is being assembled by 'Ukulele Noir' leader Craig Roberston. For more info, visit http://www.ukulelenoir.com or visit Tim's site, http://www.ukesongs.com
-->Jody Kamisato - Ukulele artist, instructor, and producer
-->Ukulele Academy of Santa Cruz - Class schedules
-->Curt Sheller - Online Lessons, One-on-one private lesson in PA, Clinics, Workshops and more...
-->Na Kupuna - UKULELE Group in Chicago, 50 Members. 4 E. Beachwood Ct. Buffalo Gr. IL 60069
-->Ukulele Lessons

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