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#Ukulele links and other valuable FMM resources

Below is a list of links to other sites relating to Players.    These sites have been added by other ukulele players and enthusiasts.  To add a link, click here.

-->Tactical Uke - One man, a Ukulele, some percussion. and a kazoo
-->Ballzy Ukulele - Electric and acoustic ukulele
-->Created by Susan - Artist, Author, Musician - Creator of Ukulele Expressions - Illustrated Fingerstyle Etudes for the Picking Hand
-->Staten Island Ukulele Players - Staten Island Ukulele Meetup
-->Muskegon Area Ukulele Enthusiasts Meetup - Unruly Brewing Co 360 W. Western Ave MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN 49440
-->BananaCactus Ukulele - Instrumental ukulele music videos - covers, medleys, originals, and more!
-->BANIC MUSIC - BANIC is a Singer/Songwriter, Ukulele, Americana Storyteller
-->Jim Beloff Music - Facebook page focused on the songs and CDs of Jim Beloff
-->The Kings of Ukulele - Playing Jumpin Jim arangements and so much more, The Hall n Oates, Lennon Mcartney, Ren and Stimpy of Ukulele!
-->Ukalaliens - Kate Power & Steve Einhorn - Community Harmonizers
-->Patsy Monteleone - A changing list of a half-dozen or so recordings of Standards, with ukulele and vocals by Patsy, available for free streaming and downloading.
-->Lauren Agnelli - Musician, Writer, Uke Player
-->Washtub Jerry - Jerry plays the ukulele and washtub bass simultaneously to back fiddles, banjos, mandolins, etc.
-->Gerald Ross - Ukulele and Steel Guitar Player
-->Craig Brandau�s Ukulele Page - I arrange and play jazz songs on a tenor, using low G tuning.
-->The Ukulele Cowboy Society - The Alternative-nouvo-pastiche-postmodern jazz and swing duo!
-->The Ukedelics - Nashville�s best (and probably only) ukulele band!
-->MadelineLPots.com - Children�s music and free ukulele lessons for children.
-->Todd B�s (Brother Sonny�s) Uke Page - Down Home Music of all sorts with the Ukulele as the centerpiece!
-->The Reverend Jonny Flash - The official website of The Reverend Jonny Flash
-->The Charleston Hot Shots - Moncks Corner�s #1 Ukulele Band
-->Craig Robertson's Website - Ukulele music abounds on the Music Pages...
-->Doctor Sparkles - Meet the Mystically Amusing Doctor Sparkles... mad scientist, uke rock player, cartoon character, mystical chicken, beach bum, Santa�s Elf, spaceship landing sequence, Mexican tomcat, fantasy crooner, Mr. Gonad wannabe, Latin cornball, mushroom chorus, New Age wise guy, and more... His attitude is tropically infectious, he plays the ukulele (and over 30 other instruments) and he�s really a medical doctor...
-->P.J. OTAKU - Punk rock ukulelist. New CD, �Uke-a-holics Unanimous� - Out Now!!!
-->Marcello Sequeira - Ukestermoe - Smooth, Unique, Ukulele
-->ukulele.spots.com.au - home of �ukul� flamb� and �bosko & honey�s ukulele love-in� tropical far north queensland, australia
-->Ukulele Bartt - Ukulele Bartt�s videos, MP3 and more.
--> Eddie Montana - His ukulele CD, Entrance to My Heart has become a HOT commodity on dowload websites with his rendition of Iz�s Somewhere Over the Rainbow, as well as favorite Hawaiian standards Ukulele Lady, Little Grass Shack and Lovely Hula Hands. Eddie plays nearly 50 instruments, but the uke is a favorite!
-->Andy Eastwood�s Ukulele Mania - Official website of Andy Eastwood - the biggest uke nut treading the boards in Britain
-->Spats White & His Blue Ukulele - Crooner, uke player and entertainer
-->Melvern Taylor - Tunesmith/Uke Player
-->Jeff Solomon - ukulele pop with piano, strings and horns
-->Jacob Borshard - Lo-fi uke rock and roll songwriter. Free music downloads. Probably the most original non-schticky uke player in the world today (in my humble opinion).
-->Curt Sheller - Ukulele Player, Musician, Author, Graphic Artist and Educator
-->Ukie Yuk Yuk Band - Crazy, ukulele-loving Canucks
-->The Inactivists - Denver-based "angry-lounge nerd-rock" with ukulele, theremin and clarinet
-->Ukulele Players Worldwide - A visual and audible connection of ukulele players all over the world. You can join now!
-->Paul Moore - ukulele player, one man band, + member of several bands based in Israell
-->Ukulele Loki: mc. dj. author. entertainer. gadabout. - "Talented Talker" for Denver's Vaudeville Sideshow (The Crispy Family Carnival) and co-host of the world's most eclectic honky-tonk radio program (Route 78 West) Ukulele Loki knows about entertainment. He has worked with all types of performers: from giants to midgets (literally). He's performed with burlesque playmates, sword-swallowers, and fire-eaters. Oh, and he's a dazzlingly accomplished ukulele minstrel. Specializing in music from the nineteen teens through the nineteen 40s, he�s also known to play 80s new-wave, and his own heart-wrenched love songs.
-->JazzUkes! - ukulele centric stuff, my friends, and my life in the ukulele world.
-->Boulder Acoustic Society - A four piece group playing rags, swing, blues and lots of hip original music. Featuring uke, guitar, fiddle, bass and xylophone. These guys really swing!
-->KUPA'AINA - Hawaiian traditional and contemporary music band
-->Tim Miller, Partially Talented - Tim Miller is variety comedian who loves to play the ukulele
-->Oliver Brown & His Extraordinary Ukuleles - An independent musician sings charming, ecletic compositions to alternative & retro crowds in underground clubs. Check-out his indie releases; listen to history's first ukulele netcast.
-->Waste of Aces - A Los Angeles acoustic alternative band that uses ukeleles in place of guitars.
-->Wiki Waki Woo Serenaders - Territorial Tunes, cool uke, steel guitar from Hawaii
-->Mic Conway's National Junk Band - The site for Australia's premium Jug Band. Described as 21st Century vaudeville and consisting of junk percussion, resophonic guitars and ukes. Downloads, CDs and photos.
-->The George Formby Society - Dedicated to one of the UK's greatest stars
-->Japanese girl Ukulele Chorus duo,Petty & Booka - Petty Booka discograpy & photo
-->Welcome to the Parlor of Janet Klein & Her Parlor Boys - Get comfy and come visit Janet Klein, ukulele chanteuse and her intriguing gentlemen pals. Obscure, Naughty and Lovely tunes from the 1910s, 20s and 30s.experience many musical and visual tidbits, showtime info and ordering cds and nice things
-->Ralph Shaw - King of the Ukulele - Ralph performs wonderful versions of many songs from the 20's 30's and 40's. He is British/Canadian and has a great voice to accompany his uke playing.
-->Red Hot Jazz - Encyclopedia of traditional jazz with more music and info than you an shake a uke at. Features Cliff Edwards.
-->Sonic Uke - NYC ukulele duo - play on their west village stoop all summer
-->The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain - The official site of Great Britain's only ukulele orchestra.
-->www.ukejackson.com - Top 10 Recording Artist Uke Jackson's home page.
-->Catfish Carl's Closet - Aging Hippie Meets Ukulele, MP3's, Pictures, General Foolishness
-->sespaniola.com - SF/Bay Area Hawaiian Entertainer
-->Polyjesters - Canadian swing band with ukulele chunk
-->Larry D - Singer, Songwriter, Ukulelist - Larry D's NEW Website: New songs, new pix!
-->The Crispy Family Carnival Spectacular - Fire. Glass. Nails. Ukulele. This Colorado based circus sideshow features emcee Ukulele Loki: Vaudeville/Burlesque revivalist and his band The Nogoodniks.
-->James Hill - Canada's Ukulele Virtuoso
-->Stowaways in Paradise - Seattle based vintage hapa haole swing band
-->PiNEAPPLE PRiNCESS - What do you get when you mix a hula dancer, a punk rocker, two feedback-laden electric ukuleles, lotsa beer, Jack Daniels and Jagermeister shots, and a sports-fanatic conga drummin� madman?
-->Sandy McMaster - Sandy plays ukulele duets with her husband Doug on slack key guitar. Beautiful music and many resources for performers and listeners alike. Aloha!
-->Dan Scanlan - Songs, uke history, lore and more
-->Seattle Dulcimer - Mountain dulcimer &ukulele teacher & performer

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