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#Ukulele links and other valuable FMM resources

Below is a list of links to other sites relating to Other.    These sites have been added by other ukulele players and enthusiasts.  To add a link, click here.

-->Uke Skins By Clark Blackwell - Unique vinyl skins for sound board, back, and sides of a 12-fret soprano uke.
-->UkeBuddy - chord finder
-->Mobius Strap - The Mobius Strap gives true hands-free support to your ukulele without the need for drilling or other modifications!
-->Stars & Catz Music Teacher Network - An international community of music teachers with a free suite of music tools, resources and downloads including a Ukulele chord finder tool. Also featured in the suite is Music Research Engine, a world-first web app that combines YouTube with Wikipedia. Choose the right website for your country: Australia https://www.starsandcatz.com.au/, USA https://www.starsandcatz.com/, UK https://www.starsandcatz.co.uk/ and Canada https://www.starsandcatz.net/.
-->Jam Exam App - Work on the Pentatonic and Major Scales on the Ukulele and Baritone Ukulele
-->Ukulele Cove - Vintage ukulele and hawaiian art and designs on T-shirts, gifts and many other items.
-->GoChords - You Don�t Have To Read To Write - GoChords is a web-based tool for writing and playing songs. It features chord tablature that you can move into position over your lyrics. You can change keys and change the chords to accommodate soprano ukulele, baritone ukulele, and also guitar.
-->Mastering for Ukulele - Mastering Studio
-->Brady Instruments - Hawaii - Handcrafted Musical Instruments
-->Debi Parola Photography - ukulele photos, photo greeting cards, calendars
-->Hawaii Pacific Television Network - Television Producers of Culturally Based Programs www.alohaislandtreasures.net
-->The Hana Shirt Company - Unique Aloha Shirts
-->Vintage Hawaiian and Aloha Shirts - Best selection of Vintage Hawaiian and Aloha Shirts anywhere in the on-line world!
-->Uke Magic Ring - Tune your uke on your cellphone
-->There in the Islands Television Magazine - Contemporary Hawaiian Television Show(Produced in Seattle)For KWHE TV 11, 14, 21 Oahu, Maui, Hilo, Kona
-->Ukulele Chordfinder - Very goodlooking and useful Ukechord-tool
-->ezFolk.com - Folk music instructional site for beginners, primarily featuring guitar and banjo.
-->Musician.com - The ultimate resource for the serious musician.
-->Ritter Bags - great gig bags for ukulele - look at smallest size guitar bags
-->Chord Wizard - A great theory/chord program available on the net called ChordWizard. It has many, many stringed instrument possibilities including uke. It also includes many brave chord shapes, and the theory instruction is clear, concise, and geared toward stringed instruments.
-->Welcome to NSA Software - Software for Guitar and 26 other instruments, free trail versions available.
-->Rescue Pearl Co. - Shell inlay material,
-->repairs, restoration and estimate of value
-->Intrntl Wooden Bow Tie Club - Uke bow tie - see SELECTIONS
-->Web Solutions, Inc. - An Internet consulting and design firm located in Meriden, CT.
-->nigel burch and the flea-pit orchestra - nigel burch and the flea-pit orchestra. banjulele driven hard edged skiffle
-->Online Chord Transposer - A web-based tool for transposing chords in text-based tabs. Paste the song text into the window, choose your key, and it gives you the song with the new chords.
-->A Passion for Jazz! - History of Jazz music origins, styles and musicians featuring photo gallery, timeline, festivals, webcasts, piano chords, scales, online lessons and music teacher locator.
-->NotationMachine - Everything you need to know about making sheet music from MIDI files
-->East Coast Tropics - Handmade soaps inspired by exotic flavors & romantic fragrances of Hawai'i. Crochet Leis also available.
-->Free Cigar Box Uke Plans at the CBG Forum - Online forum for cigar box instrument enthusiasts. Contains historic 1931 plans for making a CIGAR BOX UKE. Free to download for members. Posts are available for anyone to read.

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