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The Flea Market Music Bulletin Board is an open forum for ukulele players of all ages and abilities to discuss various ukulele topics of interest. It is our hope that this will help to create a supportive community of uke enthusiasts. The opinions expressed here are not necessarily those of Flea Market Music. Please login to start a new thread. Please use the Moderator Contact Form to contact the Board Moderators.
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Ed Sheeran "Photograph" Free Ukulele Tab/Lesson jtlessons 5/15/2018 12:57:48 AM   (Updated: 5/15/2018 12:59:49 AM)
Hi! I just put up the tab and a video preview for page one. Tried to get the guitar parts to transfer to the uke!
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Old Koa Wood Kamaka ukulele for sale! dalexander 5/9/2018 7:21:06 PM 2 replies
Hey guys
Have kamaka ukulele for sale. Made of koa wood. My grandma bought it years back and played it for about a year. Hasn’t been played since.
Took it to our loca...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: dalexander Date: 5/10/2018 3:11:59 PM
Chuck Moore’s factory in danger from lava. Murch 5/6/2018 5:48:18 PM
Just got a reply from Moore and he has left the his property due to the lava flow.
Fingers crossed and prayers said for him and his fellow residents.
Does anyone from ...
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Kumalae ukulele Kerrvert 5/9/2014 10:18:14 PM 5 replies
Anyone have any experience or knowledge of Kumalae ukuleles? I now they are made in Japan and that's about it....
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: warndt Date: 4/16/2018 2:15:15 AM
Etta James "Hound Dog" Blues Ukulele Tab/Lesson jtlessons 4/8/2018 10:35:37 PM
Hey! Here is a great blues tune from my archive with signature blues licks:


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Aaron Keim Ukuleles Bigbill 3/3/2009 1:17:11 AM 2 replies
Hey guys, I thought now might be a good time to give a quick review of my Aaron Keim ukulele. There are two for sale now on ebay, and I already own one, and am the owner of t...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: Anthony29 Date: 4/8/2018 1:49:45 AM
new york ukefest all set musicguymic 5/11/2009 6:35:24 PM 17 replies
Hopefully with Ken Murray taking over this year and the focus returning on ukulele all the bad will from the past can be buried and a wondeful fest occur. Look forward to Bil...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: Anthony29 Date: 4/8/2018 1:40:00 AM
Question for luthiers/repair-people jeff mercer 8/8/2009 12:22:00 AM 29 replies
Here's a really lovely looking early Kamaka Pineapple uke on eBay.

(Perhaps a kind BB member could provide a link ?)..280381770781...

I'd be really i...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: Anthony29 Date: 4/8/2018 1:18:10 AM
Yo, MFC, what's the deal with the wound C string? J Boy Shyne 4/2/2018 9:43:51 AM 2 replies
A buddy of mine from the UK recently contacted me about replacing his C (3rd) string, which keeps breaking, on his tenor Fluke. It turns out he bought the uke new directly fr...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: Dave Means Date: 4/5/2018 3:40:01 PM
The new Aquila Laser photoluminescence strings are here! peruffo 3/29/2018 5:50:53 AM 1 reply
Dear guys,
I have a very interesting novelty to share with you: the new Phosphorescent Laser ukulele strings.

From now you can play by night without any artificia...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: J Boy Shyne Date: 4/1/2018 2:10:40 PM
Recommendations for Teaching 8 year old ukulele Muttzukii 3/24/2018 1:42:36 PM   (Updated: 3/24/2018 1:47:41 PM) 7 replies
My Granddaughter is turning 8 and has a strong interest in learning uke. She is a very focused person & I think she'll stick with it. BUT my daughter thinks I should work...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: Muttzukii Date: 3/28/2018 2:44:06 PM
Teaching Little Girls J Boy Shyne 3/28/2018 10:02:47 AM
In my experience, lots of little girls wanna do what Taylor Swift does. So, if asked to teach them to play like Taylor, here's the chords to Taylor's tunes.
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Martin OX beauty! Ukubee 3/19/2018 8:49:48 AM 2 replies
Just putting some love out there for Martin's new uke!...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: Ukubee Date: 3/22/2018 6:01:41 AM
looking for any info on Vintage ukulele L'uke 2/16/2018 9:43:22 PM 23 replies
Hello everyone, I am new here and this is my first time posting a question, so I hope that I am posting in the right place.

I have bought a vintage ukulele that I wou...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: karl Date: 3/22/2018 3:38:36 AM
Victoria Vox House Concert May 6th Ukulele Rob 3/21/2018 11:43:06 PM   (Updated: 3/22/2018 12:08:21 AM)
For those of you in the NorCal area, I'm promoting in Sacramento a house concert for Victoria Vox (with her husband Jack Maher as a Special Guest!), 6:00 p.m. Sunday eveni...
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Peter Moss - EXCLUSIVE visit to TEXAS - APRIL 2018 Mrs. Twang 3/19/2018 7:35:21 AM
Two Workshops/1 Concert

Saturday, April 7, 2018
$35 per person
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Ukulele Player Magazine -- Spats White Interview Spats 2/22/2018 10:47:09 PM 2 replies
Re-posting this with the new link so those of you who didn't read it the first time can refrain from reading it again! Aside from my interview, there are features on the l...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: Spats Date: 3/18/2018 9:58:20 PM
Player Interviews! Christa Mako 3/15/2018 7:02:16 AM 2 replies
Hello everyone! My name is Christa, and I am currently writing a blog discussing the ukulele scenes of different cities all over the US. I'd love to feature you! Send me a...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: karl Date: 3/18/2018 12:21:25 PM
Aquila ukulele festival 2018, Italy peruffo 2/8/2018 9:25:27 AM 1 reply
Hello guys,
here is the website of the Aquila ukulele festival 2018 here in Italy:


you are wecome!
The webis...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: Ukester Brown Date: 3/17/2018 7:04:44 PM
WTB Kanilea Tenor Curmugeon 3/10/2018 7:47:24 PM 1 reply
I'm looking for a Kanilea tenor at a reasonable price...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: cebollo Date: 3/13/2018 8:05:16 AM
FREE Ukulele Classes Starting in April ! Joyful Strings 3/4/2018 4:14:59 PM
Joyful Strings is offering FREE "Beginner's" Ukulele classes (SCTB) for eight weeks to the community in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. If you've wanted to learn........
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Resophonia Garage Sale and Swap Boswell 2/22/2018 10:25:25 AM 1 reply
Hey Kids!

Jimmy Jackman here. I used to clown as Boswell. Now, I'm just another old fool. I don't busk with ukuleles, anymore. But the ukulele remains my lit...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: warndt Date: 2/27/2018 5:38:59 AM
Which pickup? lifereinspired 2/24/2018 5:55:49 PM 1 reply

I'm hoping to order an Outdoor Ukulele and I want to add a pickup. I'll likely be starting with a soprano (though still not quite 100% certain, I only men...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: karl Date: 2/25/2018 1:25:57 PM
Yooka-Laylee? Drewkulele 2/8/2018 10:17:57 PM   (Updated: 2/8/2018 10:35:56 PM)
OK, browsing around on eBay tonight I just came across a video game called "Yooka-Laylee!"


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String recommendation help needed Hobbitgate 12/15/2017 11:45:43 AM 7 replies
Hello from Canada everyone
I have a new Martin T1K that has the original strings with high G. I'd like to change to ones with low G. So far I haven't found any mus...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: Hobbitgate Date: 2/8/2018 10:28:42 AM
Namm Ukulele Coverage ??? Hobbitgate 1/29/2018 11:25:43 AM 2 replies
I've been checking Youtube for coverage of new ukulele and there seems to be very little. I was looking for the Ukulele underground guys and nothing seems to be there. Am ...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: Hobbitgate Date: 2/8/2018 10:23:54 AM
Ukulele Donau complete 2018 Hisao Tokizaki 2/7/2018 6:13:20 AM 2 replies
I have uploaded the video on YouTube:
Ukulele solo: An der schönen, blauen Donau (The Blue Danube) by Johann Strauss II. Arranged and played by Hisao Tokizaki. A co...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: Hisao Tokizaki Date: 2/7/2018 6:34:26 PM
New player here Ukegrandma 1/26/2018 5:15:51 PM 1 reply
Any one in the clarksvillle area that have information on Uke jams?

View / Add to Thread Last Post By: Ukeguy Date: 1/31/2018 8:36:57 PM
Original Music Original Music 1/10/2018 9:21:51 PM
Please listen to my original music
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La Wolf: On Our Own WS64 12/9/2017 2:04:18 PM 3 replies
Hi everyone!

For 2 years now I (Wolfgang from Germany) record music together with Laura from USA, bandname La Wolf.
So far La Wolf only played cover songs.
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: Muttzukii Date: 12/19/2017 7:24:11 PM
Fingering for Hanon (Uke of Carl's exercises) Carl-vB 12/16/2017 10:23:32 PM
Different Carl here....

UkeOfCarl has posted an excellent, free ukulele tab version of Hanon's piano studies http://ukeofcarl.com/hanon-for-ukulele-free-ebook/
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Weezer "Island In The Sun" Free Ukulele Tab/Lesson jtlessons 12/8/2017 1:10:05 PM
Hey! I just posted the video preview for my free ukulele tab on "Island In the Sun"
https://jeffrey-thomas.com/tabs/ukulele/weezer/island-in-the-sun/ ...
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A chance to win an ukulele by simply fill out the survey! cathy k 12/5/2017 9:10:15 PM
Hello! We are an international brand. We are conducting a survey on ukulele stands. The ukulele is one of the most popular musical instruments in the world and the need for a ...
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adding a pick up Tom A 12/4/2017 1:49:14 PM 1 reply
I am thinking about adding a pickup to a uke or two. There are some good You Tube videos on the topic.

What is the current thought regarding which one I should add?...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: hokeypokey Date: 12/5/2017 9:41:45 AM
Dale and Phyllis Webb's business in a newspaper karl 11/27/2017 9:10:07 AM 1 reply
The local Berkshire, Mass. newspaper did a nice article about the Magic Fluke Company. Even if you already know their backstory, it's an interesting read with some numbers...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: Ukeguy Date: 11/30/2017 9:14:27 PM
Hello, and help me pick a pineapple soprano Uncle Boo 7/10/2017 9:02:34 PM 5 replies
Hello to all, been making noise on ukes for a few years and lurking around the ukulele sites. I don't have a soprano or a pineapple. So, this means I got to get a pineappl...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: rechards07 Date: 11/30/2017 6:13:55 PM
Bad Sellers Chuck Sullivan 11/24/2017 12:50:40 PM 3 replies
I've been reading the Bulletin Board for some time, but I've never seen a posting about a seller who mistreated someone on a ukulele purchase. I wonder if this means ...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: J Boy Shyne Date: 11/27/2017 8:24:56 AM
Vintage K & K dfranc 11/26/2017 12:04:55 PM 1 reply
I have a vintage 1950's (I think) uke made by "K & K Musical Instrument Co, Manhattan NY". Does anyone know anything about this maker? The interewebs has turned up...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: karl Date: 11/27/2017 2:50:14 AM

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