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The Flea Market Music Bulletin Board is an open forum for ukulele players of all ages and abilities to discuss various ukulele topics of interest. It is our hope that this will help to create a supportive community of uke enthusiasts. The opinions expressed here are not necessarily those of Flea Market Music. Please login to start a new thread. Please use the Moderator Contact Form to contact the Board Moderators.
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Giveaway for an Eventide H9 Stompbox LC5 9/1/2015 12:19:25 PM
GoChords is giving away an Eventide H9 Stompbox!

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'Howard' brand soprano uke alexmoody 8/31/2015 2:50:08 PM
hi everyone.

first things first.. new member, first time post so thanks for having me!

I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on this.

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Robert Wheeler coolhanduke 7/29/2015 7:52:44 PM 1 reply
My friend Robert Wheeler, founder of Ukulele Unconscious was taken by an aggressive form of leukemia a couple of weeks ago. His collection of ukuleles spanned the whole gamut ...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: Diesel Date: 8/25/2015 9:09:39 PM
Tony Danza on Dr. Oz playing a Flea looney tunes 8/24/2015 3:24:13 PM   (Updated: 8/24/2015 3:24:53 PM)
Just saw Tony Danza play a few bars of Five Foot Two on The Dr Oz show today. He gave a plug for Jim Beloff and the flea. Pretty cool....
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Tonewood Amp - Ampless Amplifier ricdoug 8/7/2015 10:06:42 PM 12 replies


View / Add to Thread Last Post By: Ukulele Rob Date: 8/21/2015 12:41:08 PM
two-chord ukulele song kids can learn? tclouie 8/15/2015 9:37:59 PM 4 replies
Hi, I didn't get any response to my post about music summer camp, but I did want some input about this: What is a good simple two-chord ukulele song kids can learn, as beg...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: Ticker Date: 8/20/2015 7:43:34 PM
solid body uke with pickup ralphiewho 8/18/2015 7:07:21 AM 2 replies
Our club music director is starting cancer treatments and took a uke to the chemo lab and the nurses said it was a bit too loud for the others there.

I would like to ...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: ralphiewho Date: 8/20/2015 12:19:13 PM
Kamaka Tenor Hoot Gibson 7/30/2015 11:04:12 AM 1 reply
I inherited a 1959 gold label Kamaka, too small for my ham-like hands. I swapped it for lifetime lessons and an Oscar Schmidt baritone. Happy? Yowza!...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: Ukulele Rob Date: 8/20/2015 12:25:26 AM
Use New Jersey 3! August 28 - 30 in Morristown, NJ ScooterD35 5/30/2015 10:04:20 AM 4 replies
On August 28, 29 & 30 we will return to the Mansion in Morristown, NJ for Uke New Jersey Too!

We start on Friday night with a concert, followed by workshops, open mic...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: Ukulele Rob Date: 8/20/2015 12:23:41 AM
Tenor Uke With Electronics ukeman80 8/19/2015 11:38:11 AM 1 reply
Hey Everyone! Been a while since I posted here. I am looking for a tenor ukulele with electronics. What's the best you can do for under $500... I prefer one from a good...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: Ukulele Rob Date: 8/20/2015 12:13:15 AM
I'm on the Road Again......almost singndance 6/15/2015 6:46:13 PM 3 replies
NY uke fest is down; we haven't cranked it up in Connecticut yet,so I'm going to go to NJ in Sept. and then to PA in October for the Funky Frets fest. All you great ...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: Ukulele Rob Date: 8/7/2015 3:07:28 PM
Lil' Rev Wife's Cancer Fund jimdville 8/5/2015 2:32:46 PM 1 reply
Our uke friend Lil' Rev's wife Carol has been diagnosed with cancer. A fund has been set up and over 500 folks have raised nearly $45,000! Let's help push that t...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: Ukulele Rob Date: 8/7/2015 3:06:00 PM
Funky Frets Uke Fest Update - October 2,3,4 - 2015 CurtSheller 8/6/2015 8:51:56 PM
The Funky Fret Uke Fest site has been updated. Got tired of WordPress acting up.

Added a lot go new information to the schedule of performers, workshops they are doi...
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summer music camp in North Hollywood tclouie 8/6/2015 1:25:31 AM
I was privileged last month to join the staff of the annual music camp put on at First Christian Church of North Hollywood. I used all the ukes I have access to: my Irish gree...
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Transpose Tool JohnBaxter 8/2/2015 4:21:49 AM 2 replies
I created a Transpose tool for my personal use, but decided to make it available to other players that may find it useful. It is intended for exploring various keys of songs y...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: JohnBaxter Date: 8/2/2015 10:35:35 PM
Note to Tab Tool JohnBaxter 8/2/2015 4:20:22 AM
A few months ago I created a Note to Tab Tool for personal use. I wanted something that would aid in creating simple Tab riffs. If you have a piece of sheet music, but don'...
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Starting a Ukulele group in Galion, Ohio Ticker 6/5/2015 2:50:26 PM 10 replies
I am going to try to start a Ukulele group at our Senior Citizens center in Galion, Ohio. Need recommendations on inexpensive but playable Ukuleles. I have done a little re...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: Ticker Date: 8/1/2015 9:51:03 PM
Fifth iUke in the Fall tour coolhanduke 7/29/2015 8:00:20 PM
At the end of September I will embark for the fifth time on a cross country motor ukulele tour in my old Toyota motorhome-- Northern California to the Liverpool Nova Scotia In...
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Old Kamaka Tom A. 7/24/2015 5:31:08 PM 1 reply
A friend has the oldest Kamaka soprano uke I have ever seen. There is no marking on the headpiece. I am having trouble photographing the label. Can any of you folks tell me wh...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: Jazmo Date: 7/29/2015 3:10:15 PM
Purchasing a Godin Tenor Uke Rick Cota 7/27/2015 11:15:21 PM
Hi, everyone, could use some recommendations regarding purchasing a Godin Tenor Uke. They come in three different finishes, clear, sunburst, and Koa. Of course there is a p...
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A Cautionary (ebay) tale Ernie 7/23/2015 3:41:30 PM 2 replies
Unlike some, I quite like ebay, and have generally had pretty good experiences there.
I recently had a bad transaction, and since the item in question is up for auction ag...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: Ticker Date: 7/26/2015 7:44:46 PM
no-name banjo uke info? w-link to photos SpudTayter 7/19/2015 9:11:21 PM 5 replies
noob here - seeking info re this find - photos at http://s24.photobucket.com/user/taytersmusicSpudTayter/library/Banjo%20Uke%20-%20openback

nice 'tin...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: Dutch Date: 7/23/2015 9:53:42 AM
Ukulele Get Togethers Across the Country on June 21st makemusicdave 6/9/2015 12:59:39 PM 3 replies
Hi all -

My name is Dave Ruder, I'm the coordinator of dozens of free, outdoor, participatory ukulele events this upcoming June 21st called Mass Appeal events. T...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: Banjolele Lady Date: 7/22/2015 5:13:49 PM
Ukes For Peace in NYC Weds night! dave wasser 7/21/2015 8:39:38 PM
The Israeli co-existence group, Ukuleles For Peace, will be performing in Manhattan tomorrow night at the Actors Temple, 339 W. 47th St at 7pm. These kids are super-talented a...
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Looking for a ukulele group to join Banjolele Lady 7/20/2015 7:10:09 PM 1 reply
Hi, I recently moved to Salkum WA. and I am seeking a ukulele group in our area. Can anyone tell me of a group near Chehalis or Longview Washington or anywhere near central Wa...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: Ukeguy Date: 7/20/2015 9:19:42 PM
The Passing of Robert Wheeler Bill Robertson 7/13/2015 10:48:40 PM 3 replies
For those who knew him, the great Robert Wheeler passed away this morning.

Anyone who was part of what in the 90's and early 2000's was a pretty intimate ukul...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: Rick Cota Date: 7/18/2015 11:32:38 PM
Vocal & Ukulele Channel yuko 7/17/2015 11:17:20 PM
Hello, I'm a singer-songwriter from Japan. It's 10 years since I fell in love with the ukulele and I sing and write my songs with my uke.
I've started a YouTub...
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1973 White Label Kamaka with Tiki - Value? NancyT 6/19/2015 11:55:17 AM 9 replies
Hi folks

I'm a new uke player and am trying to figure out the value of an instrument I was given. Was recently on Kauai, Scotty's Music seems somewhat intere...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: shawn Date: 7/16/2015 5:23:00 AM
Pono Baritones korea76 7/8/2015 2:01:53 PM   (Updated: 7/9/2015 1:17:36 PM) 2 replies
What are your opinions on radius fretboards vs non-radius? Trying to decide whether to purchase a Pono baritone pro-classic (radius) or a standard model. I've varying opi...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: Ukulele Rob Date: 7/14/2015 1:16:53 PM
Who said this quote? Mark Kuroiwa Leonard 5/18/2015 9:31:56 AM 6 replies
Does anyone remember who said ... Give a ukulele to all the world's leaders and there would be no more wars. ...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: Ukulele Rob Date: 7/14/2015 1:12:49 PM
Ukuleles For Peace Tour dave wasser 7/13/2015 11:50:45 PM   (Updated: 7/13/2015 11:52:14 PM)
Ukuleles For Peace, a coexistence project comprised of Jewish and Muslim teens from Israel, is on their first US tour! They are a delightful and talented troupe of musicians w...
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Rachel Manke has a Kick starter project Ukester Brown 7/3/2015 11:40:10 PM 1 reply
I don't know how many heard Rachel Manke on Prairie Home Companion a couple weeks ago, but she did a great job. SHe has a CD in the works and is raising some funds using K...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: Ukester Brown Date: 7/12/2015 10:19:52 AM
Check this out. Boswell 7/9/2015 5:18:27 AM   (Updated: 7/9/2015 5:20:20 AM) 8 replies
Hi folks,

Some of you may recall that I'm a busker and I ukulele, daily,

People are always pointing cameras and phones and whatnot at me. I like it when...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: Ukester Brown Date: 7/12/2015 10:18:16 AM
Worth strings Rick Cota 7/9/2015 6:26:00 PM 5 replies
Hi Everyone, need a block of instruction regarding how to purchase Worth strings. I understand that you can cut the strings in half to make a pair. What I 'm not clea...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: deejay Date: 7/11/2015 10:30:48 AM
Las Vega Ukuleles steve-o-reno 7/9/2015 7:06:42 PM   (Updated: 7/13/2015 10:27:37 PM)
I'll be in Las Vegas for business July 22-24. If you know of any uke activities or uke friendly music stores in the area please post here or send me a note: mangohogany@ya...
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Woot! Drewkulele 7/6/2015 11:12:19 AM 1 reply
Just an FYI, there's a few entry-level beginner ukes on sale at Woot.com this week...

View / Add to Thread Last Post By: Ukulele Rob Date: 7/6/2015 4:53:06 PM
Where is "Uke Jackson" Rick Cota 6/30/2015 11:48:44 PM 2 replies
I was at the Ashokan Uke Fest this Spring, and the subject of Uke Jackson came up and it appears that no one had any idea what he was up to. During the early 2000's he w...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: Dave Means Date: 7/3/2015 1:38:02 PM
Advice on selling price for RISA cutaway concert walnut Carl-vB 6/24/2015 3:07:55 PM 7 replies
Hi, I'm not looking to advertise this instrument for sale, as I have a possible buyer, but rather to get advice on how much I should charge for it.

Here's a p...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: Frank B Date: 6/26/2015 4:53:46 PM

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