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The Flea Market Music Bulletin Board is an open forum for ukulele players of all ages and abilities to discuss various ukulele topics of interest. It is our hope that this will help to create a supportive community of uke enthusiasts. The opinions expressed here are not necessarily those of Flea Market Music. Please login to start a new thread. Please use the Moderator Contact Form to contact the Board Moderators.
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 Subject Posted By Date Replies 
New Orleans, Louisiana Uke Players mosaicrose 10/12/2016 8:29:43 AM 2 replies
Are there any other members from NOLA area who'd like to start a group for fun?...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: Southcoast Date: 10/25/2016 11:24:12 PM
5 Uke Buying Tips!! Steven Espaniola 10/18/2016 1:46:06 PM
Aloha! Check out my new weekly vlog GigLife! I'll be featuring music gear reviews, in depth interviews, behind the scenes coverage, music advice and much more!

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2016 Los Angeles Int'l Ukulele Festival Mitch Chang 5/28/2016 11:27:53 AM   (Updated: 9/16/2016 9:49:57 AM) 7 replies
Check out the lineup of performers and instructors this year:
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: Latitude 33 Date: 10/7/2016 12:01:47 AM
Tuning problem unclezac 6/2/2016 9:10:05 PM 13 replies
I have a 14 fret Martin tenor with worth strings and my tuning problem is after I tune the instrument to 440 GCEA and play for a while it usually stays relatively in tune. The...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: Geoff Rezek Date: 10/6/2016 7:27:43 AM
Jake Shimabukuro Diesel 8/23/2016 8:52:41 PM 1 reply
Just got the latest issue of Westways (Sou Cal Auto Club magazine) and it has a nice one pager on Jake. The full interview is available on www.AAA.com/conversations. Good re...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: Joe from Bend Date: 9/30/2016 10:25:42 PM
The "Tiki Tag" Fluke... Drewkulele 9/21/2016 1:23:49 PM 1 reply
The Fluke & Flea Museum is proud to announce a new arrival, The Tiki Tag Fluke.

Check it out at the link, below, and while you're there, be sure to take a look ar...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: Ukeguy Date: 9/29/2016 1:57:56 PM
Key Strummers -- A Second Shot Geoffrey Davis 8/9/2016 8:47:27 PM 3 replies
Way back in 1999 I began teaching at Indianapolis’ most progressive school, the Key Learning Community. My favorite part of the program was “Pods” — an opportunity for teacher...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: Geoffrey Davis Date: 9/20/2016 2:20:20 PM
Milwaukee Uke Fest 8 - 2016 mattydee 9/9/2016 3:39:18 PM
The Milwaukee Ukulele Festival is coming up October 1 at the Sunset Playhouse in Elm Grove.

Lots of info on tickets, workshops, guest artists, vendors, and concert ti...
View / Add to Thread
Azo Bell, East Coast tour earnest 9/8/2016 3:43:50 PM   (Updated: 9/8/2016 9:35:01 PM)
The amazing Aussie, Azo Bell, will be performing and doing a workshop tomorrow, Friday Sept 9, at www.oldsongs.org in scenic downtown Voorheesville NY, (near Albany) at 7 pm.<...
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Kamaka baritone uke mothergoose 9/2/2016 11:02:13 PM 1 reply
Not sure this is the place to post this.
I'm looking to buy a 1970's white label
Kamaka baritone uke. It doesn't have to
be real pretty; just sound rea...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: Muttzukii Date: 9/7/2016 10:53:29 AM
The Duke banjo ukulele review - WOW! Genius J 8/28/2016 3:09:23 PM
I just received a Duke banjo uke in the mail last night and have been playing with it all day. I think I'm in love with it.

I'd never heard of a Duke before. ...
View / Add to Thread
"My Funny Valentine" - Instructional Video with TAB Craig 8/12/2016 6:10:52 AM 2 replies
Hello All,

Hope some of you learn and enjoy this arrangement:

https://youtu.be/IXvApp1oXmk ...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: Craig Date: 8/25/2016 8:21:15 AM
HELP PLEASE ON A UKULELE IDENTIFICATION Mellie 7/30/2016 6:14:27 AM 1 reply
I recently acquired an old soprano ukulele which I believed may have been produced in the 1960's.
I say that because with it there was a 15 minute play Hawa...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: Mellie Date: 7/30/2016 6:56:46 AM
Concert resonator sharonc 7/24/2016 7:01:47 PM 5 replies
Hi, I am looking for a Ron Phillips concert resonator ukulele. Does anyone know where I can purchase one? Does anyone have one for sale?...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: J Boy Shyne Date: 7/29/2016 2:35:37 PM
Thirty's Harmony Roy Smeck Soprano Sunburst autoalertmarty 7/26/2016 6:55:45 AM 1 reply
I have a 30's Harmony, all original with the original case that I would like to sell. It was restored in Chicago back in the early sixties and has been in my family since ...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: Muttzukii Date: 7/26/2016 6:04:54 PM
Nakanishi 3M Soprano BrianT 6/18/2009 5:55:55 PM 14 replies
There is a Nakanishi 3M Soprano for sale on ebay. It is starting at $695 with no bidders. What is a good price for this ukulele?

View / Add to Thread Last Post By: BrianT Date: 7/23/2016 2:51:41 PM
Rev Hank Trio rev hank 7/21/2016 4:32:31 PM   (Updated: 7/21/2016 4:33:34 PM)
Hi All,

Mike here from Halifax, NS. Our trio had the opportunity to play this year's Halifax Jazz Fest. Here is one of the pieces we did, and the first time I h...
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Philadelphia, PA Ukulele Players Wolfson 6/28/2016 10:02:10 AM 3 replies
I'm a beginner at playing the ukulele and would be interested in meeting up with others for practice or join together and have a jam session, seeing as though it's sca...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: CurtSheller Date: 7/20/2016 6:52:52 PM
Jerry Garcia Tiger Ukulele Rob Uker 7/18/2016 1:10:18 PM
I just finished building a tenor ukulele version of Jerry Garcia's Tiger guitar.
You can see pictures of it on my Facebook page.
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ATTN: Colorado Wanted - Strolling Uke Player/Singer ukuleighleigh 6/24/2016 10:59:00 AM 1 reply
Hello all,

I am looking for someone in the Colorado Springs area who might want to stroll around the top of Pikes Peak next Friday, July 1st around 12:30 pm to play a...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: Uke Dave Date: 7/17/2016 1:45:33 PM
Vote Uke! Jason A. 7/8/2016 5:05:28 PM
Fellow Uke players:

I'd be honored to receive your vote in a local music competition (Chambersburg, PA, USA). We are the only group with a Ukulele! Anyone with a ...
View / Add to Thread
Prewar Gretsch Tenor also Recording King branded Muttzukii 7/6/2016 6:25:54 PM
I've been trying to pin down the origin of my Recording King [interior stamped] tenor. Bought it cheap cause it was pretty abused. Did a 2 six pack rework on it myself, ...
View / Add to Thread
Cigar Box Ukuleles Rob Uker 6/29/2016 11:34:52 AM
I'm an amateur ukulele builder. I mostly build ukuleles from cigar boxes and cookie tins but I also like to build ukulele versions of famous and quirky guitars.
View / Add to Thread
Lil Rev's 12 Stop West Coast Tour Lil Rev 6/21/2016 11:55:54 AM
12 stops in the month of July and early August.

Seattle, Anacortes, Bellingham, Hood River, Portland, Santa Cruz, Huntington Beach, Graas Valley, Modesto and
View / Add to Thread
William King Ukuleles Chuck Sullivan 11/7/2013 12:17:47 PM 8 replies
Does anyone know if William King is still producing ukuleles? His Chantus site shows only a "retrospective" of his instruments, not the usual showcase of products. A...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: Jazmo Date: 6/20/2016 8:11:51 PM
Please help decipher William King’s ukulele model numbers Jazmo 2/15/2016 1:30:55 PM 4 replies
Aloha, I have a William King ukulele and the model number is A4V5. Does anyone out there know how to decipher what this means? Mr. King’s website Chantus Music is gone and the...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: Jazmo Date: 6/20/2016 8:09:13 PM
Selling my Blackbird Uke Dave 4/28/2016 1:26:59 PM 5 replies
How's it FMM!? Long time Marketplace user, big thanks to Jumpin' Jim for many years of excellent trades/sales via this place. You all seem like a benevolent and helpfu...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: Uke Dave Date: 6/20/2016 2:21:55 PM
Don't mind me, but if you're also a mandolinist... Wednesday 6/3/2016 9:53:08 AM 3 replies
as I am, and you haven't tried the Aquila uke strings tuned in fifths yet, they're a blast. The E on the EADG for sopranos set is a bit pinched -- can't be helped ...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: karl Date: 6/14/2016 4:09:30 AM
Axe Ukulele Rob Uker 6/7/2016 3:57:30 PM
The ukulele is a very sweet instrument. I don't sing much so most of the time I'm very content to play instrumental classical, jazz and blues.
But every now and th...
View / Add to Thread
William King Soprano brimmer 6/3/2016 7:26:07 PM   (Updated: 6/3/2016 7:26:41 PM)
A nice William King soprano is up for sale. William King is known as one of the best ukulele luthiers of the last couple decades. His Austin, Texas workshop closed a few years...
View / Add to Thread
Grover 4b tuners Steve124 6/1/2016 8:33:09 PM 1 reply
Hi all

I recently purchased a set of Grover 4b tuners to replace the stock tuners in my firefly banjo uke.

The tuners did not come with instructions but I ca...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: New2Ukuleke Date: 6/3/2016 3:20:39 PM
Folks, you can catch this fabulous duo in concert at Island Bazaar this Saturday at 7PM.
There will also be a workshop on Friday night at 7PM. Concert tickets; $20.00, W...
View / Add to Thread
The New Lil Rev Claw & Hamer CD is out! Lil Rev 6/2/2016 10:56:07 AM
Dear friends,

My new ukulele CD titled: Claw & Hammer is now out
and available on my website as a physical CD or download.

Its 21 tracks performed on T...
View / Add to Thread
Help ID early koa uke KenK 5/22/2016 6:37:28 PM   (Updated: 5/22/2016 6:38:55 PM) 10 replies
Hi ,I acquired an early Koa ukulele.19 ¾ x 5 7/8 inch .At first it appears very primitive looking.But has Rope and 3 ring inlay around sound hole .The headstock is very unusua...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: Dave Means Date: 6/1/2016 5:48:11 PM
Ukulele Search Thread ukent 5/31/2016 4:27:50 AM   (Updated: 5/31/2016 4:28:45 AM) 1 reply
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: karl Date: 6/1/2016 5:40:19 AM
Ukulele Cocktail Doug Skinner 5/14/2016 9:25:47 AM 7 replies
I found this recipe for a "Ukulele Cocktail" in a 1927 book called "The Cocktail Hour," by Lucien Farnoux Reynaud (which I'm now translating for a small pr...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: Doug Skinner Date: 5/27/2016 8:49:44 AM
Lil Rev's 2016 West Coast Tour Lil Rev 5/19/2016 11:00:25 AM
Hello Friends,

The summer tour of the west coast is all booked!

Our scatter The Ashes Tour will honor my late wife's wishes to be scattered along our o...
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Thrift Store Find! Hohner HU-6 Ukulele iKokomo 2/4/2016 11:58:28 PM 4 replies
I found a Hohner HU-6 at a local thrift store, complete in original box and warrantee card and I thought it was a cheap one until I noticed it seemed to be older because it wa...
View / Add to Thread Last Post By: Lapoul Date: 5/17/2016 12:55:19 PM

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